:: ALLNADA :: was created on 12/15/02 as a Christmas present for myself. And I, yourhostess, decided to add a place for me to begin writing again. I’ve had online diaries and paper notebooks that I used to jot down random thoughts and observations. But when I stopped having writing classes and stopped feeling like there a point to my cartharsis, I quit writing anything.
Then I saw an interview with Cyndi Lauper, of all people, and she said when you stop writing that part of you dies. And it got me thinking that a) why should I care if anyone else likes what I write and b) why not have something of my own again that I can be excited about and proud of just on my own.
Which brings me to the title of this site. I had a hundred possibilities of something clever and yet not too cheesey. I was thinking of a good phrase or word to use as my motto. Then I realized, why not make up my own word? So the title came to me after creating a small vocabulary of meaningless word collaborations.
But everything and nothing is where I felt my life and my interests were at the point when I created the site. Right before Christmas, the New Year approaching; things fall apart. Motivation is in question, direction is lost. And what better time to start up a rambling, whining, complaining and pointless blog than at that precise moment?
So here I am, the infamous hostess, typing for my pleasure and hopefully, eventually for a few others. If not soon, maybe later, I always have hope. Which makes this, not a hopeless blog, but a searching for a purpose blog. If that helps the content’s justification in any way.
So thanks for stopping by and venturing into my realm of anoymous commentary.